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Community Grants

The Sertoma Club of Nashville was established in 1946 as a community service organization with charitable and civic purposes. Our main area of charitable interest is communicative disorders including, but not limited to, speech and hearing-related issues. A portion of our funds are allocated each year specifically for grant making to non-profit organizations who meet the criteria as outline below. Grant requests that are funded typically range between $1,000 to $5,000

  Key Dates

Grant Deadline: May 31st of the current year 
Award Notification: August 15 of the current year

Who May Apply?

  • Non-profit organizations that have a sole mission surrounding the deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, and/or those who have communication disorders
    (e.g., autism, apraxia of speech, aphasia, etc...)

  • Non-profit organizations that have specific programs within their organizations that serve those who are
    deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, and/or those
    who have communication disorders

***Please carefully read the "Exclusions" section below
before beginning a grant proposal

Additional Eligibility Requirements

Applying organizations must have:

1.)  An up-to-date GivingMatters Profile
2.)  A current Charitable Solicitations permit
3.)  501(c)3 status with at least one full year of operations

Site visits may be requested with applicant organizations by Sertoma Club as appropriate. Each applicant will be notified in writing soon after a decision on a proposal has been made. Because funds are limited, many requests cannot be funded.

If a grant award is authorized, the grantee is asked to sign a Grant Agreement that describes the purpose and
conditions of the grant. Funds are then distributed to grantees in a timely manner.

The Club requests that only one grant application per organization be submitted during a twelve-month period.


The Sertoma Club does NOT fund grants for the following:

  • Individuals: while Sertoma does provide opportunities for individual scholarships, this particular grant is for eligible non-profit organizations only
  • Organizations located outside the counties designated as Middle Tennessee
  • General operating expenses
  • Salaries
  • Attendance at conferences or conventions
  • Investments, endowments, or additions to any reserve funds
  • Debt retirement
  • Purchases of goods, services or other items to be used for non-charitable purposes or for personal benefit
  • Any gambling or raffle-related activity

Grant Application Process

Applying for a grant from Sertoma Club is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Simply copy/paste the following questions/prompts to your organization’s letterhead and provide complete answers to each:

• Who is the recipient organization?

• How will the funds be used?

• What is the intended outcome or benefit?

• Why is this request important?

• When are the funds needed?

• Amount requested?

• How will the Sertoma Club of Nashville be recognized?

• Our Club also loves hands-on opportunities to support those we fund. Please list a minimum of two examples of ways our Club 
   members can roll up their sleeves and help.

• Requesting organization contact information (address, email, and phone)

Additional Attachments

In addition to the grant narrative requested, the following attachments MUST be included, and in the following order:

• Board of Directors roster with name and company affiliation

• Copy of current Charitable Solicitations permit

• Itemized budget for the request

• Most recent financial audit. If most current year-end financial statements have not yet been audited, include most current, unaudited
   year-end financials.

• Include report of any internal control related matters identified in the financial audit. (Note: This is a separate letter to the Board of
  Directors not included in your audit.)

Grant Submission

To ensure timely review of your request, please review your grant documents to make sure you have included all requested
documents in the order requested. Please do not submit additional documents, photos, DVD’s or other attachments
with your grant proposal unless expressly requested by the Club.

Once completed, please send the final hard copy proposal and all requested attached documents no later than May 31st to:

Nashville Sertoma Club

ATTN: Grants

Beth Harmon

PO Box 282486

Nashville, TN 37228


Contact Juli Liske at [email protected] for any grant-related questions or assistance.