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Being a member of the Sertoma Club of Nashville has been an unbelievable experience. It has allowed me the opportunity to be a part of an organization with a rich history in Nashville of helping so many who are less fortunate. Not only is it great to have an ongoing part in helping our community, membership in the Club has also meant many new friendships and productive networking opportunities for business. I feel a strong sense of pride and accomplishment having made the decision to join the club and as an enthusiastic member for over 10 years now.”



I joined Sertoma for relationships and Fun. The times I had visited meetings and events I felt so welcomed and accepted and had a very peaceful feeling. After joining, I realized the same feeling of acceptance remained and grew to where I was asked to be a member of the board and accepted into the leadership as treasurer. I have felt honored to be a part of an organization that prioritized other’s needs and gives financially to those in need! The speakers at meetings are always very informative and many are inspirational.

I have been very blessed and honored to be a part of this organization!”

-Leslie Light


My name is Rob Hill and I joined the Sertoma Club because I was new to the Nashville area and I wanted to get involved with a great organization. One of the things I liked about the Sertoma Club is they have a weekly luncheon with a guest speaker. These luncheons helped me to meet other like-minded business professionals and learn about the Greater Nashville area which I had just move to. The Sertoma Club promotes hearing heath issues and is a unique non-profit in that aspect. Hearing is such a vital part of life and if I can help out in some small way, I know it is worth it. Our club also helps and supports other local non-profits. Being a part of the Sertoma Club allows you to help out in so many ways. It also allows you to meet and interact with a fantastic group of Sertoma members as well as local business professionals. The Sertoma Club does get together for some social events from time to time. These events include golfing, sports events, happy hour & business mixers. I definitely recommend dropping by for lunch and seeing what we are all about.”



Why I became a Sertoman:
I have been a member of the Sertoma club of Nashville for almost 30 years and was invited to attend a luncheon meeting and to join by a friend and business associate, Jud Scott. Following are some reasons
I became an active member:

1. I immediately felt welcomed to the club by the members.
2. I knew that I could contribute my time to civic projects that “made a difference” to our community.
3. I was able to meet other individuals from a variety of backgrounds.
4. I always enjoy our interesting speakers at the weekly lunch meetings.
5. What I enjoy the most is the fellowship of fellow members.

-Joe Hall


I joined Sertoma as a way to meet new people, help others, and expand my business. I knew of them as a great organization as my father was a long time member when I was growing up in Virginia. The people in the group are movers and shakers, who have done wonderful things over the years to improve life for many here in Middle Tennessee. It is an honor to be a part of the Sertoma Club of Nashville.”