The Power of Joining a Networking Group

The Power of Joining a Networking Group

Networking can be stressful and sometimes nerve wracking. Most individuals think there is a time and place for networking, such as at events or in business settings. One thing to remember is that networking can be incorporated into your everyday life – even at the grocery store or after a friendly introduction. There is always an opportunity to connect with someone and market yourself. Joining the Sertoma Club of Nashville will allow you to perfect your networking skills, build relationships and generate business with the help of outside sources.

Personal Gain


So you’ve heard, “practice makes perfect”, or at least close to it. The same concept can be applied to networking. At group meetings, time will be set-aside for each member to give a brief synopsis of themselves, their company, referrals they’d like to receive and their current success. This will get you comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and force you to be both concise and effective with your introduction. These skills translate into your most complex conversations.

Trustworthy Relationships

Once you become a member of a networking group, you will be amongst some of the most successful business professionals in the area. Meetings are held multiple times a month, allowing you to build trustworthy relationships with fellow members. At both the beginning and end of each session, members will be free to network with others in the room. This will first, allow you to introduce yourself, and second, allow you to solidify a connection or set up a one-on-one meeting for the future. Members not only bond at these meetings, they celebrate each other’s successes and support the community through charitable events.

Company Recognition

By being a part of this networking group, these well-known, reputable business professionals are aware of your company and your capabilities. When asked by community members who can fulfill their needs, you will be at the top of their recommendation list. In turn, you will be able to recommend their products and services. People place great weight on recommendations from those they trust. Getting and giving referrals boosts your credibility – it shows that you are truly dedicated to servicing a customer’s needs. It also shows that you are well connected in the community.

Also, having another professional in the community that knows your business well enough to help sell it on site is a benefit to you. It reduces the time and effort you would have to expense trying to get that person’s attention in the first place. Not only does your fellow member know you and your company, their spouse, family members, and friends potentially do too. Keeping these lines of communication open can grant you access to other members’ networking circles as well. Word of mouth and visibility are extremely important.

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