The 3 Benefits of Networking

The 3 Benefits of Networking

We all know that in order to succeed in your particular career field, you need to attend networking events. But what other benefits can we personally derive from these networking events? The Sertoma Club of Nashville breaks it down into three highly important benefits.

Expanding Your Network


Sure, this benefit seems obvious, but dig a bit deeper and you’ll see just how beneficial a constantly expanding network can be.

At networking events, your circle of professional connections grows a bit each time. In turn, you begin to foster unique relationships with each individual. Overtime, you may receive a business request or favor from one of these connections. The more you help your network, the more it will grow.

For instance, let’s say that Fred asks you to introduce him to Sally, as they work in the same industry and this connection could be beneficial for his small business. After introducing the two professionals to each other, Fred now trusts you and Sally can see that you are willing to help her out as well. In addition to growing your connections, you are developing trusting and lasting professional relationships.

Potential Career Opportunities

Although the goal of networking events is to ultimately meet new professionals in your area or industry, you never know what the outcome of an event could be. Quite often, career opportunities, partnerships and offers are the direct result of meeting an individual at a networking event. If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, a networking event is the place to start. Click here to find a remodeling Nashville.

Improves Your Confidence

After you become a networking event veteran, you’ll notice an extreme improvement in your personal confidence. The more you interact with area business professionals, the greater your communication, etiquette and other skills will become. Overall, your confidence will be soaring after you begin to regularly attend networking events.

Get started on your networking ventures by attending the monthly and additional networking meetings at the Sertoma Club of Nashville. Be sure to regularly check out calendar for exciting speakers, events and causes to support.