How To Dress For a Successful Networking Event

How To Dress For a Successful Networking Event

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Preparing for your very first networking event is an exciting time. You’re probably considering how you’ll introduce yourself to new connections, describe your career path and goals, and getting your business cards prepped and ready. But have you thought about the attire you plan to wear? 

Dressing for success is key to any business event, whether an interview or a conference. Use these tips to get your next networking outfit picked out.

Professional Outfit Tips for Women

A networking event is not the time to wear your favorite dress or that wild print top you bought on sale. It is important to make a lasting first impression that is accurate of your professionalism and goals. Try these tips while preparing your networking outfit:

Choose solid colors for your top, pants or blazer. If you would like to wear a top with a professional print, wear a solid color blazer, pants or skirt to complete the outfit.

Limit your jewelry. Jewelry can be clunky, distracting and throw off an entire business outfit. Instead, opt for elegant earrings and a necklace, and not your entire jewelry box.

Know the length of your skirt. Skirts are okay to wear to a networking event, so long as they are the appropriate length. If you put your hands to your sides and your fingertips do not touch fabric, your skirt is far too short. 

Keep your hair neat. Now is not the time to try out that crazy haircut or to completely dye your hair. Make sure your hairstyle is professional and elegant, rather than wild and out of the box. 

Networking Attire Tips for Men

Men, although you may have fewer choices for networking attire, you can still make style mistakes! Use these tips to help you get dressed for your networking event.

At a minimum, wear a button down with slacks and nice shoes. If you opt not to go “full out” with your attire, remember to make sure your clothing is fully ironed and clean.

Ties, tie clips, blazers or vests are great. In addition to the bare minimum, adding a professional tie, tie clip, vest or blazer are great additions to your outfit. 

Match! Nothing is worse than a mismatching outfit, especially at a networking event. Match your attire!

Neutral, solid colors are best. Your best bet is to go with a neutral color palate, and add a tie with a unique print. However, with solid colors, you can’t go wrong!

Now that you’re ready to make a statement with your professional outfit, come to the next Sertoma Club of Nashville networking meeting!