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The mission of HEAR Nashville is to provide hearing aids to qualified low income people in middle Tennessee and remove the barriers hearing loss creates so that they can function more effectively and successfully, as well as to provide a means of recycling used hearing aids for the benefit of many with hearing loss who can’t afford new ones.

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Program Elements

Call Center

A central phone number to call for information and to apply for the program (staffed by volunteers and physically located at Bridges)
Eligibility screenings for any of three hearing aid programs
Hear Now® (income-based relative to family size)
Audient® (income-based low cost loan program)
Recycled Hearing Aids – for low income people not eligible for either of the above

Clinical Components

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations – using resources at BWC for those with third-party payer source and at TSU for those without a means of paying for the evaluations
Medical support to address hearing loss issues that may have another medical basis through BWC and the VUMC Otolaryngology Department
Hearing Aid fittings by qualified audiologists – at BWC, St Thomas clinic
Hearing aid education and maintenance classes – at BWC with their professional staff and HLAA volunteers

Community Education Activities

Participation in Health Fairs, community presentations, invited business and industry classes, etc.
Internet-based information about hearing loss, hearing aids, and related issues
Printed materials that can be disseminated through audiologists, area medical facilities, pharmacies, etc.

Hearing Aid Recycling Program

Sponsored by Sertoma with collections sites for used hearing aids in numerous community locations.
Collection sites include:
– Middle Tennessee YMCA’s
– Fifty Forward Centers in Davidson and Williamson Counties
– Bridges (formerly League for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)
– Library Services for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing (Nashville Public Library-Main)

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