Have You Helped HEAR Nashville Yet?

Have You Helped HEAR Nashville Yet?


As part of our organization’s mission, the Sertoma Club of Nashville assists those with communicative or hearing disorders. To continue our dedication to the cause, we support HEAR Nashville – a local Nashville, TN organization that provides hearing aids to qualified low income individuals throughout Middle Tennessee, and helps to break down barriers to help these individuals function effectively and successfully.

How Can I Help?

Looking to get involved? Awesome! There are several ways you can assist HEAR Nashville.

Donate Hearing Aids

HEAR Nashville collects used hearing aids at various locations all around Middle Tennessee and even Kentucky. These hearing aids are then refurbished and repurposed for individuals in need of fully functioning hearing aids. Drop off your used or old hearings aids at one of these locations in your area.

Donate to the Cause

Like any non-profit organization, every donation helps! HEAR Nashville is a great cause to donate to. Each dollar is used to help individuals with hearing loss or conditions, help obtain hearing aids, and further the success of the organization. All donations are tax deductible.

Volunteer Your Time

HEAR Nashville is always looking for volunteers to help out! Whether you are an audiologist, an individual looking to give back, or simply want to help further the cause, sign up to be a volunteer with HEAR Nashville today.

HEAR Nashville Program Benefits

HEAR Nashville helps those in need of hearing aids and additional hearing services in a variety of ways.

Clinical Assistance

The organization offers those in need with:

  • Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations
  • Medical Support for Hearing Loss
  • Hearing Aid Fittings
  • Education and Maintenance Classes

Low-income individuals with hearing loss benefit greatly from the many clinical offerings from HEAR Nashville. In addition, HEAR Nashville travels around Middle Tennessee to participate in health fairs, presentations and other events geared towards benefiting those with hearing loss.

Learn more about how you can help HEAR Nashville by visiting www.hearnashville.org today. In addition, you can receive more information at one of our upcoming events.