Communicative Disorder Early Warning Signs

Communicative Disorder Early Warning Signs

Tchild-communicative-disorderhe Sertoma Club of Nashville is dedicated to raising awareness and supporting causes for communicative disorders. From hearing loss to the inability to speak, a vast number of individuals have a communicative disorder of some fashion. Are you aware of the early warning signs related to various communicative disorders?

Speech or Language Disorder Warning Signs

A speech or language disorder can be detected by the following warning signs:

  • Does not interact socially (infancy and older)
  • Has difficulty following or understanding what you say (starting at 1 year)
  • Says only a few sounds, words, or gestures (18 months to 2 years)
  • Does not easily understand words (18 months to 2 years)
  • Does not combine words (starting at 2 years)
  • Struggles to say sounds or words (3 to 4 years)

Hearing Disorder Warning Signs

Hearing disorders can be identified by these warning signs:

  • Inattentive to sounds
  • Does not follow simple directions
  • Does not respond when their name is called
  • Delays in speech and language development
  • Pulls or scratches at their ears
  • Difficulty achieving academically, especially in reading and math
  • Socially isolated and unhappy in school
  • Persistent ear discomfort after exposure to loud noise

Remember that each communicative disorder is different, and therefore will have specific symptoms and signs. By knowing these simple warning signs, individuals and parents can know when to take precaution and seek out the advice and knowledge of a medical professional.

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