Business Card Necessities

Business Card Necessities

business-networking-nashville-tnAre you about to order a new set of business cards for your networking events? When designing your new business cards, be sure to include the crucial information and avoid the drastic mistakes. Take a look at these business card tips from the Sertoma Club of Nashville.

Great Business Cards

If you want to have a spectacular business card (which you do), be sure to include the following information:

  • Professional contact information.
  • Your name – unfortunately, several people forget to list their own name.
  • Your profession
  • Your company

In addition, great business cards have an eye-catching and recognizable design. These designs should be professional, sleek and not overwhelming. It should also represent your industry. For instance, if you are a professional gardener, having a design that reflects the accounting industry is not in your best interest.

Awful Business Cards

Your business card is a direct representation of you, your company and your professional career. Be sure that your business card is flawless, accurate and an accurate portrayal of your personal brand. With that said, be sure to avoid these business card pitfalls at all costs:

  • Atrocious designs. Stay away from bright or overly dark business cards, along with mismatching color combinations.
  • Funky email addresses. If your email address is from when you were a teenager, or is simply inappropriate, it’s best to not include it on your business card.
  • Disconnected phone numbers. Never include an old phone number on your business card. You want your connections to contact you, not be directed to a faulty phone line.
  • Cluttered content. The content on your business card should be easy to navigate and identify. If your connection has to search all over the card to find your phone number, you need to reorganize the alignment and placement of your information.

With these tips in mind, you’re ready to print your business cards and attend the next networking event at the Sertoma Club of Nashville.