8 Easy Networking Tips for Beginners

8 Easy Networking Tips for Beginners


Whether you are in school looking for an entry-level position or a high-ranking executive at a Fortune 100 company, networking events are crucial to your career. If you are about to attend your very first networking event, use these eight easy tips to guide you through the event.

Lose the cheesy sales pitch

In college, we were taught to have a personal elevator pitch prepared for networking events and other occurrences in the business world. Unfortunately, many of these pitches sound ‘sales-y’. To be successful at a networking event, lose the cheesy sales pitch and talk to a person normally. You’ll find it to be far more effective.

Distribute Business Cards

Don’t have business cards? Get them. Now!

Approach New People

The point of a networking event is to meet entirely new people in your industry or city. These people may lead to career opportunities or you may simply make a new friend. However, none of this will occur if you don’t gain some courage and approach new people at the event.

Listen and Contribute

Conversations are plentiful at networking events. However, if you overpower a conversation, it may not prove to be meaningful or beneficial towards your networking efforts. Instead, listen to what your new connection has to say or offer and respond appropriately.

Have a Pleasant Demeanor

If you stand in the corner and sport a frown, very few (if any) professionals at the event are going to want to connect with you. Instead, stand up straight, put a smile on, and meet some new people!

Act Normal, This Isn’t Business (Sort of…)

The key to networking events is to develop meaningful relationships with professional individuals in your community or industry. If you enter the event with a mindset focused on sales, transactions and business leads, you will find little to no success. Remember to focus on fostering new professional relationships. They may or may not lead to business deals, but that should not be your main priority.

Always Follow Up

If you forget to follow up with a new connection from a networking event, you may have lost your shot at a continued professional relationship. Following up after the event not only displays your interest in the relationship, but your desire and motivation to be successful in life and your career.

Relax and Enjoy!

The most important tip is to simply relax and enjoy the event. You never know, you may receive a once in a lifetime opportunity because of the event!

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